What is it? Disaster Relief Employment is a program that provides temporary jobs to North Carolinians who have become unemployed – temporarily or permanently – as a result of a natural disaster.  The purpose of the jobs is to assist local recovery efforts through clean up and repair of facilities, and humanitarian assistance in the counties impacted by the disaster such as Bertie, Hertford and Martin County.

There are various types of jobs that will support the mission of Disaster Relief Recovery cleanup. These are not permanent positions or full time positions but will last as long as clean-up is needed in the counties assigned.

Applicants applying for these positions will need to be a U.S. citizen at least 18 years old, unemployed storm related, unemployed no fault of their own or unemployed due to business closure.

Applications are available at Bertie, Hertford and Martin County NCWorks Centers. Questions please contact: Olivia Taylor, (252) 578.2823.

Bertie County NC Works Career Center

A one-stop career center that integrates all career/employment services for both the individual and the employer. Counseling, ESC Referrals, Assessment, Testing and Skills Programs. Call 252-794-3107 or 252-794-3108 for more information.

WIOA Youth Program

This program is designed to serve youth year round with the purpose of providing work experience, educational development and leadership development for disadvantaged youth.  WIOA will serve In School Youth ages 14-21 and Out of School Youth ages 16-24 years old This service is available for youth in Bertie, Hertford, Halifax, Martin and  Northampton Counties. 

WIOA Adult Dislocated Workers Program

CADA's WIOA Adult Workers Program is designed to assist adults and dislocated workers to be placed in a training program with the goal of unsubsidized employment at the completion of primary services.  The WIOA program provides assessment of needs for job seekers, job related services, and on the job training.  The program also provides assistance with tuition, books, fees, supplies and other training related costs for vocational and technical training for eligible individuals.  This service is available in Martin County.