CADA Board of Directors Meetings is the Second Tuesday of the Month.

Resolution In Memory And Appreciation For

The Life and Service Of:

Howard Bishop Ervin

Joyce Dixon Bohannon

Clarence Barrington McGlone


Bertie County 6 Martin Co. 6
Cordon, Dr. Chris
Demery, James
Kedley, Curt Herring, Callie N.
Peele, James Letecia Loadholt
Saunders, Vivian Mizell, Nathan
Wilson, Annie Whitley, David
* Vacant * Vacant
Halifax County 9 Northampton County 6
Brown, Jr., Jackson Deloatch, Chester
Davis, M'Bechi Tyree Evans, Sheila Manley
Edmonds, Jerrica
Jerman, Rev. George
Elam, Dr. Michael
Moody, Catherine 
Griffin, Dr. Ervin
Spruill, Venus
Hunter, Dr. James
Williams, Robin
Riddick, Alfred  
Smith, James
Smith, Marcelle   
Hertford County 6    
Hall, J., Wendell  
Johnson, Lynn  
Lee, Daphne
Pierce, Hazel
Richardson, Robert
Pugh, Betty


Composition of Board Members 1/3 Public Officials/Representatives

                                                        1/3 Community-At-Large/Representatives

                                                        1/3 Low-Income Representatives